10 effective tips to protect yourself from STDs


As most of us know, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can cause severe health problems if not treated. As many STDs are symptomless, often sexually transmitted infections (STIs) go undetected. Hence, prevention is the best way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections.

The most reliable way to protect yourself from STDs is not having sex at all, which most of us find impractical. The following are 10 other ways to protect yourself from STDs:

  1. Limit your sex partners.
  2. Use a latex condom every time you have vaginal, anal, or oral sex.
  3. Get yourself and your partner tested for STDs.
  4. Get yourself and your partner tested for HIV/AIDS.
  5. Get tested for STDs regularly, if you have multiple partners.
  6. If you know that you or your partner has an STD, get it treated before having sex.
  7. Get vaccinated for hepatitis B and HPV.
  8. Avoid sharing towels or underclothing.
  9. Take a bath before and after intercourse.
  10. Get help, as drinking and doing drugs often can lead to having unsafe sex.

This informational article is intended just to educate readers about ways to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases. Please contact your doctor if you are at risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

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